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Lane County covers a beautiful and humid area of 4,722 square miles between the Pacific Coast and the Cascade Mountains in western Oregon. It includes the second largest metropolitan area in Oregon, the Eugene-Springfield area, but most of the county is covered by densely forested mountains and verdant farmland.

The Willamette Valley lies at the center of the county, with the Coastal mountains west of it, and the Cascade Mountains to the east. The Willamette River flows out of the Cascades, joined by the McKenzie River, and then flows northward towards Portland and the Columbia River. With an elevation of just a few hundred feet above sea level, this area enjoys mild weather, combined with abundant rainfall and fertile soil, making it an important agricultural region. Logging is also an important industry in Lane County, and less now than in the past, due to environmental regulations.

The population of Lane County is 351,715, as of 2010. The county seat is at Eugene. The elevation ranges from sea level on the coast to 10,358 at South Sister Mountain in the northeast corner of the county. Interstate 5 serves Lane County, passing north to south through Eugene and the Willamette Valley.. U.S. Highway 101 also passes along the Pacific Coast.

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