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Basin and range converge at Abert Rim

creating a unique rocky upland,
and a large lake and shoreline that
attract contrasing wildlife.

Abert Rim influences its own climate and
Clouds back up against the steep western-facing
slopes, providing moisture for plants and run-off that enters the
lake. At the top of the rim, clouds quickly pass over, forming a dry
rain-shadow to the east. In the heat of summer, lake water
evaporats and cools, keeping temperatures moderate, a benefit to
resident wildlife.

How many different creatures can you count?
Where upland habitat meets shoreline and lake, desert-dwelling
creatures may be seen sunning themselves near migrating geese or
clusters of darting phalaropes. Scan the shore and water's edge. This
mingling of land and water offers outstanding wildlife viewing

Majestic bighorn sheep may be
camauflaged on the bouldered slopes, safe from
predators. Narrow ledges and rocky terrain provide
good escape routes for these sure-footed grazers.
Scan the slopes and rim for movement and you may be lucky enough to spot one of these elusive animals.

On top of the rim, pothole lakes and
freshwater springs are important watering holes for
pronghorn antelope, deer and bighorn sheep. Pine
and Juniper trees provide shade and hiding cover for
many small mammals and songbirds.

Vertical cliffs crumble and fall forming dry,
rocky, steep slopes. Hardy sagebrush, saltbrush and
grasses cloak these thin soils.

Sage grouse nest and feed in the sagebrush on top of the rim,
and chukar, an upland gamebird, inhabit
the rock-covered slopes.

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