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Situated at 4,800 feet in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, Lakeview has been nicknamed “the tallest town in Oregon”, being one of highest cities in elevation. A grassland valley stretches for miles to the west and south of Lakeview, and a forested mountain range rises up on the eastern edge of the city. About five miles south, Goose Lake occupies the southern end of the valley, about 25 miles long and several miles wide. The California border cuts through the northern end of the lake.

Lakeview is the county seat of Lake County, and its largest city with 2,474 residents as of the year 2000. It is a remote area of Oregon with no large towns nearby, and few small ones. Lumber is a major industry and the smell of sawdust often lingers in the air.

U.S. Highway 395 passes north and south through Lakeview. To the south, it passes into California, and eventually reaches Alturas. To the north it passes through large areas of open land, mostly uninhabited. Eventually it reaches U.S. Highway 20 at an intersection called Riley, which it joins and travels east to Burns. Oregon Highway 140 leaves Lakeview westward across the valley, traveling quite a distance to reach Klamath Falls. Highway 140 heads eastward from a junction a few miles north of Lakeview, and passes into Nevada.

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