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Imagine a Day's Journey

Imagine traveling on the Oregon Trail.
You woke this morning beside the Snake River.
Tonight's camp will be on the Malheur River.

Sniff the fragrance as wagon wheels roll over the
sagebrush and send its pungent aroma into the air.
Inhale the scent of sweat on people and livestock.
Smell the stench of the dead cattle, rotting in the heat.

The wind blows dust in choking clouds that get in your
mouth, making it hard to breathe and stinging your
eyes. Listen to the sounds of wind, wagons, livestock,
and voices. Imagine how you feel after walking 3.5 miles
today. Then help with the work of cooking, making
camp, and taking care of the animals.

Endeavor to cook dinner over a campfire when you are
tired and your eyes burn from the smoke. Imagine
eating the same plain food every day. Savor your food
even though dust and ashes have blown into it.

Imagine being hot, tired, and hungry, Envison your
bed tonight.

Is this the trip you imagined when you started?

...We traveled over a great deal of sage brush that was very
hard to get over... The wagons would bend it down but the ground
was very sandy and the wagons would sink deep into the sand
and then ? high on the sage brush...

Emigrant of 1843

...Traveled hard all day. We are all tired, yes, very tired. We
often ride over the barren plains and under the scorching sun
when I feel that I can hardly ride... and feel if I were at home I
should immediately go to bed.

Sarah Smith
1835 a piece of bacon placed between two pieces of bread
actually tastes better than the best of cakes and pies at home...

Abigail Jane Scott

Never saw such dust! In some places it was actually to the top of
the forewheels!... Our men were in a perfect fright, being literally
covered with it. Our poor animals staggered along through the
blinding dust, coughing at every step!... My eyes are very sore.

sther McMillin Hanna

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