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Hazards and Hardships

The pioneers faced many hazards.

Over some they had little control: diseases,
drownings, snake bites and livestock
stampedes. Traumatic injuries were caused
by such events as falling from a moving
wagon and being run over or simply twisting
an ankle. There were also accidents and
deaths involving firearms. Emigrants were
forced to travel in extreme weather
conditions and sometimes found themselves
at the mercy of unscrupulous traders.

Other hardships, perhaps the result of
poor judgement or inexperience, were
just as dangerous: lost children, prolonged
thirst, running out of supplies or the over
burdening of an ox. Some travelers
discovered too late the consequences of
making a wrong decision in choosing an
unproven alternate route.

Whatever the origin, each peril had to
be overcome.

...layed to dry our things which got
wet crossing the Snake river. Mr. Kimbles
oldest son died of tipus fever... buried the
corpse, proceeded on our journey.

Elizabeth Dixon Smith
September 1847

After experiencing so many hardships,
you doubtless will think I regret taking
this long and tiresome trip, and would
rather go back than proceed to the end of
my journey. But, no, I have a great
desire to see Oregon, and, besides, there are
many things we meet with... to compensate
us for the hardships and mishaps we
encounter. People who do come must not be
worried or frightened at trifles; they must
put up with storm and cloud as well as
calm and sunshine; wade through rivers,
climb steep hills, often go hungry, keep
cool and good natured always, and possess
courage and ingenuity equal to any
emergench, and they will be able to endure
unto the end. A lazy person should
never think of going to Oregon.

Elizabeth Wood 1857

Went on till about half
past nine and stopped
to see another ox die,
one hour finishes the
ox, and we go on
somewhat sad not knowing
what situation we may
be left in at this rate
of loss, but try still to say

Thy will be done

Philip Conduit 1854

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