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Juntura is a small ranching community on U.S. Highway 20 in eastern Oregon. Located in a small valley on the Malheur River, surrounded by miles of barren volcanic hills, its green fields are a desert oasis. The Malheur River, flowing from the southwest, meets the North Fork Malheur River, which approaches from the northwest, at the eastern tip of Juntura Valley. Eastward from here, the river flows through a narrow valley for many miles. Juntura valley surrounds the town for a mile or two in every direction, with a narrow extension for several miles to the northwest.

The highway makes a bend in Juntura, and a grid of small gravel streets extends just one or two blocks in each direction from it. Many tall cottonwood trees grow in the town, setting it off from the fields of hay surrounding it. The scattering of mostly older, rustic houses are largely obscured by the trees. An old, red brick schoolhouse is the most striking building in the town, hidden off on a side street.

In addition to the highway three small roads lead out from Juntura. Beulah Road heads north, following the North Fork Malheur River to the little town called Beulah and the Beulah Reservoir. Riverside Road wanders through the hills to the southwest, coming out at the railroad stop Riverside, on the Malheur River. Another road leads south through the hills and eventually also comes to Riverside.

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