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Oregon History

Peter Skene Ogden

Peter Skene Ogden, leading a
party of Hudson's Bay Company
trappers, camped near here on
October 10, 1828. On this, Ogden's
fifth and final expedition into
the "Snake Country," he started
on September 22, from Fort Nez
Perce (Walla Walla). From here,
passing along Alvord Lake, he went
south to the Humboldt River and
thence east to Great Salt Lake,
first reached by him on his
initial expedition of 1824-25. Retracing
the route on its return
journey, the party followed the
Humboldt, turned north to the
Silvies, crossed over into the
John Day Valley and reached Fort
Nez Perce in July 1829. Over 2,000
beaver were taken by the parth.

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