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Land of Contrast

Much of the distant sagebrush covered hills
beyond the Malheur River and surrounding
agricultural land are administered by the Vale
District of the Bureau of Land Management.

In Oregon, the BLM manages nearly 16
million acres. Major resource values and uses on
the Vale District's 4.9 million acres of public lands
include free roaming wild horses, diverse wildlife,
mining, livestock grazing, historic and prehistoric
features, wilderness, unique plants, and a great
diversity of outdoor recreation opportunities.

Here in Malheur County, recreation
activities on BLM managed lands include
whitewater rafting on Wild and Scenic Rivers,
observing and learning about wildlife and their
habitats at Watchable Wildlife Sites, exploring
historic sites and driving routes, and photography
of desert wildflowers, spectacular scenery and,
perhaps, the elusive bighorn sheep. Opportunities
abound for camping, hiking in remote areas,
hunting the area's abundant game, and fishing the
many reservoirs and rivers.

The Vale District is a portrait in contrasts, offering forests and vast vistas of rolling
sagebrush hills to deep, ruggedly carved scenic river canyons. For more information.
contact the Vale District Office, 100 Oregon Street, Vale, Oregon 97918 (503)473-3144

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