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Brogan was settled by Dennis Brogan in the early 1900s, a visionary entrepreneur who wanted to build and idealistic city on the frontier. He founded the Willow River Land and Irrigation Company, built dams, canals, and a railroad, and sold land to settlers. His plans went well until droughts of the 20s and 30s dried up their water sources and the town was abandoned.

The early-day town was built on the hill west of Brogan. Modern Brogan is at the bottom of the hill. To the northeast is Willow Creek Valley, which is only about a mile wide at Brogan, but widens out considerably to the southeast. The valley is under cultivation, producing large crops of potatoes, onions, and wheat among other things. The population of the area is very sparse. Just a few extremely small towns line Willow Creek. Vast areas of hilly desert surround it. Only a handful of houses are found at Brogan, with no listed population.

U.S. Highway 26 passes through Brogan, heading west towards the Blue Mountains and the town of Unity, and southeast to Vale. The elevation is 2,610 feet.

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